adventure photographer dan redfield

I live, work and play in Anchorage, Alaska and have done so for over 25 years. By day I’m a commercial director/producer at Hybrid Color, a boutique film production company. In my off time I’m a devoted father, partner and storyteller.

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Powered by humility, passion and multi-vitamins Dan Redfield was born to create. Creating something from nothing and influencing others was the first thing that attracted him to filmmaking. Capturing a story in a frame brought him to photography and the need to step outside his comfort zone forces him to chase adventures.

The quick and the quirky

  • Born: Landstuhl, Germany

  • Nickname: Shorty, D-Red

  • Drink: Crushed ice, a few lemon wedges and overly carbonated sparkling water from the tap

  • Adult Beverage: TNT (Tanqueray and Tonic)

  • Food: Ribs

  • Snack: Fine olives, cheeses and sausage

  • Fun Facts: I have a sparkling water tap in my kegerator that I abuse. I make ribs that’ll convert a vegetarian and I have the voice of an angel (don’t ask around, just take my word…)

  • Including 6 awards for film I was nominated for an Emmy® for a Suicide Prevention PSA I directed. Watch it here.

  • Quote “Winners will find a way, losers will find an excuse”. If that one’s a little blunt how about my backup “Don’t tell the story, tell the legend”

  • If there was an award for quoting 90’s-00’s comedy movies I would be the undisputed champion.

  • I believe everything happens for a reason and I believe in multi-vitamins.

Why START Alaska Photoventures?

Alaska Photoventures is a combination of my 3 favorite things filmmaking, adventuring and photography. It was something I was already doing so why not brand it?
— Dan Redfield


I’ve moved out of Alaska before and always found my way back. No matter what you want to do you’re an hour away, hiking, biking, exploring, kayaking, boating, camping anything you can come up with. The freedom to get your adventure on is something that has kept me here. My Dad was always into fishing and really got me into it while introducing me to the backwoods of Alaska. My Mom loved to camp, I have memories growing up freezing our butt off in the tent but loving every minute of it. When I’m not working as a full time filmmaker you can find me in the mountains with Kristen and my daughter Ava. I’m very thankful to have found my home, Alaska has given me so much and continues to provide and satisfy my need for adventure.



Working as a full-time filmmaker has been the most rewarding part of my life. The opportunity to tell a story and build something from nothing that has the power to motivate and inspire people is a pretty powerful thing. From long to short form documentaries, commercial work and films, I've had the opportunity to work on a wide gamut of projects. Working as a producer, director, editor and DP has enabled me to hone my skills through the entire production process. Working at Hybrid Color we have serviced a wide list of clients including, Monster Energy, Alaskan Brewing, Arctic Cat, GCI, ESPN and more. I was nominated for a NW Regional Emmy in 2016 for my director role in a suicide prevention PSA.



It's funny how a picture can bring back, the sun on your face, the wind blowing or even your favorite song that day. I love the challenge of encapsulating a story into an image. For me the photography is the reason to adventure and when I adventure I want some way to capture the experience, the two really go hand and hand. Bridging the gap between filming and shooting stills can be challenging, they’re two completely different mediums that tell stories in different ways. The thing I continuously tell myself is “slow down” and ask myself “How does this fit within the story and what do I need to include to help tell that story”. When it comes to the bulk of the images I process I like to keep the photos simple. I don’t want to process them too much to where they look fake. Sometimes the beauty of an image isn’t its sheer perfection, it’s the subtle flaws that give it character. The world isn’t perfect and it doesn’t need to be, capture it the best way you can. Admire the beauty and respect the imperfections