Dan wilcock


My name is Dan Wilcock and I am what some would call a “transplant” to Alaska, but it is as if I was born to live here. I have always been an avid outdoorsman and knew that my move here would be one of the best decisions of my life. On top of being an avid outdoorsman who holds respecting the land in the highest regard, I am also a business owner and a dedicated family man. I know that as a resident of the Mat-Su Borough it is my duty to do my part in keeping the Valley great which includes helping it reach its full potential especially in tourism. I feel it is very important to tap into the uncaptured potential for tourism growth in the Mat-Su Borough. While I am on the Board I will focus efforts on small business tourism as well. While there is untapped potential I want to make sure the growth that does occur will be beneficial for the small business owners/residents of the Borough. I look forward to working closely with the other members of the MatSu CVB board in guiding the direction of growth that will directly influence my lively hood in tourism, my family and the community I call home. I would appreciate your vote on the MSCVB Board of Directors ballot this October. I look forward to serving my community and local industry to the best of my ability.