Jet ski to blackstone glacier

Taking a Jet Ski through open Alaskan waters to the base of Blackstone Glacier, sounds sketchy right? Yeah, it kinda was. We got some amazing pictures though!

Look up Alaskan adventurer in the dictionary you’ll probably see Lee Blough’s name. After a quick conversation with Lee we had drafted a plan to adventure to Blackstone Glacier out of Whittier, Alaska. Leaving the Whittier harbor we were getting some looks from boats, like “what are they doing” looks. However we picked the best day to go out as the water was relatively calm. After making a few stops around the bay we headed to Surprise Cove for a little hike and dip into the fresh water lake. As the sun was starting to move toward the horizon we dashed towards Blackstone Glacier inside of Blackstone Bay. As we first entered the bay the glacier presented itself and the closer we got the glacier wasn’t getting smaller. Watching the glacier calving and pour all the meltwater was pretty impressive to say the least. Once we had our pictures and the sun started to set behind the mountains it was time to head back.

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